How to get video dimensions using FFMPEG

My goal is to pass a Video file to FFMPEG and to get its dimension as output.How can I achieve this. Can anyone help me out with sample code?


public void GetVideoInfo(string input) { // set up the parameters for video info. string @params = string.Format("-i {0}", input); string output = Run(ffmpegProcess, @params); //get the video format re = new Regex("(\\d{2,3})x(\\d{2,3})"); Match m = re.Match(output); if (m.Success) { int width = 0; int height = 0; int.TryParse(m.Groups[1].Value, out width); int.TryParse(m.Groups[2].Value, out height); } } private static string Run(string process/*ffmpegFile*/, string parameters) { if (!File.Exists(process)) throw new Exception(string.Format("Cannot find {0}.", process)); // Create a process info. ProcessStartInfo oInfo = new ProcessStartInfo(process, parameters); //oInfo.UseShellExecute = false; //oInfo.CreateNoWindow = true; //oInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = true; //oInfo.RedirectStandardError = true; // Create the output and streamreader to get the output. string output = null; //StreamReader outputStream = null; // Try the process. //try //{ // Run the process. Process proc = System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(oInfo); proc.WaitForExit(); //outputStream = proc.StandardError; //output = outputStream.ReadToEnd(); proc.Close(); //} //catch( Exception ex ) //{ // output = ex.Message; //} //finally //{ // // Close out the streamreader. // if( outputStream != null ) // outputStream.Close(); //} return output; }

You should uncomment some code to get this working. Hope it helps.

I have code that gets more info from the video, different converts, etc. The code above is sliced and may need slight modifications.


Have you tried the FFMPEG-C# Library?


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