How to run a TCL script to tell run in every 10 minutes?

My TCL script:

source reboot_patch.tcl set a 1 while {$a < 10} { exec reboot_patch.tcl after 60000 incr a }

I need to run "reboot_patch.tcl" script for every 1 min in my system. I wrote above script. But its running only once and its coming out.

Following is the "reboot_patch.tcl" script:

#!/usr/bin/tcl package require Expect spawn telnet expect "*console." send "\r" expect "*ogin:" send "test\r" expect "*word:" send "test\r" expect "*>" send "clear log\r" expect "*#" send "commit \r" expect "*#"

Please suggest me a way to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

Script to print numbers from 1 to 10 in windows 7:

#!c:\Tcl\bin\tclsh set a 1 while { $a < 11} { puts $a incr a }

I am unable to run the above script using "./" format in windows7.


In general, exec command will return the output of program execution. It is our responsibility to capture and print and manipulate it.

You have to print it manually like

puts [ exec ./reboot_patch.tcl ]

Or like,

set result [ exec ./reboot_patch.tcl ] puts $result

Since you are using exec without printing it's result, you have not seen anything. Then how come it got executed for the first time ? Who else can do except the following ?

source reboot_patch.tcl

Well, Since you have sourced the file and it got executed which seemed to be the first time execution but which is not actually from exec command.

<strong>Note :</strong> If you are calling any of that sourced file's proc, then only it is required to source it. As far as I can see you are not having any proc there. So, source is not required at all.


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