Outlook VBA Set language of selection

I'm try to create a macro to set the language of the selection in an outlook email.

I have little experience in VBA scripting.

I copied the Macro I recorded in Word into my Macro-Table for Outlook (or project, or module, I'm not sure how it is named)

Sub SelectionEnglish() Selection.LanguageID = wdEnglishUS Selection.NoProofing = False Application.CheckLanguage = True End Sub

This doesn't work because the Selection object is not available. But I saw another question (which I can't find anymore) where the macro author had a way to use the word-editor inside the outlook macro.


Yes, a text selection in the email body – tjb 21 mins ago

Try this (To be run from Outlook VBA) Tried and tested on a newly created email. This code shows how to work with the Selection Object

Sub Sample() Dim oMailItm As Object, oInsp As Object, oMailEd As Object Dim oWord As Object, rng As Object Set oInsp = Application.ActiveInspector If oInsp.CurrentItem.Class = olMail Then Set oMailItm = oInsp.CurrentItem If oInsp.EditorType = olEditorWord Then Set oMailEd = oMailItm.GetInspector.WordEditor Set oWord = oMailEd.Application '~~> Set your selection object here Set rng = oWord.Selection '~~> This is to check if we are getting the selection object '~~> You may comment this or remove it later. MsgBox rng.Text With rng ' '~~> Rest of the code ' End With End If End If Set rng = Nothing Set oWord = Nothing Set oMailEd = Nothing Set oMailItm = Nothing Set oMailItm = oInsp End Sub


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