what does the colon do in c?

I was given this example in class and I am unsure what it does. I understand the colon adds a bit-field, but I am still uncertain about this question:

a = b > 0 ? 3:1;


?: operator is called the conditional operator.

If b value is > 0, the value 3 is assigned to a else the value 1 is assigned to a.

Take your Kernighan & Ritchie book 2nd edition, chapter 2.11 Conditional expressions, the behavior of the operator is explained.


? is a conditional operator:

a = b > 0 ? 3:1;

is equivalent to:

if(b > 0) a = 3; else a = 1;


This is the conditional operator. It's equivalent to:

if (b > 0) a = 3; else a = 1;

Read it as "a = if b > 0 then 3 else 1".


It's the conditional operator (generally called the ternary operator), which is used as a short way of writing if statements.

In general, it can be read:

condition ? value_if_true : value_if_false

So, in your case:

a = b > 0 ? 3:1;

Can be rewritten as:

if(b > 0) a = 3; else a = 1;

The colon in this example doesn't mean anything related to bit fields - it's just the second part of the conditional.


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