How to get the current URL in Robot framework?

When the 'apply' link is clicked, it opens a new browser in Robot framework. How to get current url of that page? Here is the code:

Open Server Set Browser Implicit Wait 60 Go To ${server}/jobs Element Should Be Visible xpath=.//*[@id='txtjobsearch'] Input Text xpath=.//*[@id='txtjobsearch'] ${job Title search} Element Should Contain xpath=(.//*[@class='clearfix tit-job']/div)[1] ${Job title} Element Should Be Visible xpath=(.//*[@class='btn btn-sm btn-primary btnApply'])[1] Click Element xpath=(.//*[@class='btn btn-sm btn-primary btnApply'])[1]

After this line, it opens a new window. How to get url of newly opened page and do actions like input text?

Set Browser Implicit Wait 20 Wait Until Page Contains Element xpath=.//*[@class='text-primary']


Have you tried using the Select Window keyword?


Click Link popup_link # opens new window Select Window popupName Title Should Be Popup Title Select Window # Chooses the main window again

It seems like you wish to verify the url of the new window which should be easily possible with the following:

Select Window | url=https://google.com

Obviously you need to replace the above url with what you're expecting. Let us know how you get on.


Try this:

${url}= Get Location


getting the current URL is easy using the Execute Javascript SeleniumLibrary keyword:

${url} = Execute Javascript return window.location.href;


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