Makefile depency issue

I'm trying to compile an example code where I added a new file under a new directory but I keep getting a dependency problem. I have added a file "ipc.c" under "/interface". I have added the source file to "srcs" and also added the directory with "-I/interface". The Makefile looks as follows:

# # ======== Makefile ======== # include ../products.mak srcs = main_host.c interface/ipc.c objs = $(addprefix bin/$(PROFILE)/obj/,$(patsubst %.c,%.o$(SUFFIX),$(srcs))) libs = $(SYSLINK_INSTALL_DIR)/packages/ti/syslink/lib/syslink.a_$(PROFILE) MAKEVARS = \ SYSLINK_INSTALL_DIR=$(SYSLINK_INSTALL_DIR) \ PKGPATH=$(PKGPATH) all: @$(ECHO) "!" @$(ECHO) "! Making $@ ..." $(MAKE) $(MAKEVARS) PROFILE=debug SUFFIX=v5T togs2_host $(MAKE) $(MAKEVARS) PROFILE=release SUFFIX=v5T togs2_host install: @$(ECHO) "#" @$(ECHO) "# Making $@ ..." @$(MKDIR) $(INSTALL_DIR)/debug $(CP) bin/debug/togs2_host $(INSTALL_DIR)/debug @$(MKDIR) $(INSTALL_DIR)/release $(CP) bin/release/togs2_host $(INSTALL_DIR)/release clean:: $(RMDIR) bin # # # ======== rules ======== # togs2_host: bin/$(PROFILE)/togs2_host bin/$(PROFILE)/togs2_host: $(objs) $(libs) @$(ECHO) "##" @$(ECHO) "## Making $@ ..." $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ $^ $(LDLIBS) bin/$(PROFILE)/obj/%.o$(SUFFIX): %.h bin/$(PROFILE)/obj/%.o$(SUFFIX): %.c @$(ECHO) "###" @$(ECHO) "### Making $@ ..." $(CC) $(CPPFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $< # ======== create output directories ======== ifneq (clean,$(MAKECMDGOALS)) ifneq (,$(PROFILE)) ifeq (,$(wildcard bin/$(PROFILE))) $(shell $(MKDIR) -p bin/$(PROFILE)) endif ifeq (,$(wildcard bin/$(PROFILE)/obj)) $(shell $(MKDIR) -p bin/$(PROFILE)/obj) endif endif endif # ======== install validation ======== ifeq (install,$(MAKECMDGOALS)) ifeq (,$(INSTALL_DIR)) $(error must specify INSTALL_DIR) endif endif # ======== toolchain macros ======== ifeq (v5T,$(SUFFIX)) CC = $(CS_ARM_INSTALL_DIR)gcc -c -MD -MF $@.dep -march=armv5t AR = $(CS_ARM_INSTALL_DIR)ar cr LD = $(CS_ARM_INSTALL_DIR)gcc CPPFLAGS = -D_REENTRANT -Dxdc_target_name__=GCArmv5T \ -Dxdc_target_types__=gnu/targets/arm/std.h CFLAGS = -Wall -ffloat-store -fPIC -Wunused -Dfar= $(CCPROFILE_$(PROFILE)) \ -I. -I/interface $(addprefix -I,$(subst +, ,$(PKGPATH))) LDFLAGS = $(LDPROFILE_$(PROFILE)) -Wall -Wl,-Map=$@.map LDLIBS = -lpthread -lc CCPROFILE_debug = -ggdb -D DEBUG CCPROFILE_release = -O3 -D NDEBUG LDPROFILE_debug = -ggdb LDPROFILE_release = -O3 endif

I keep getting this error: fatal error: opening dependency file bin/debug/obj/interface/ipc.ov5T.dep: No such file or directory

This is how the the products.mak looks like:

# # ======== products.mak ======== # DEPOT = /opt BIOS_INSTALL_DIR = $(DEPOT)/bios_6_33_01_25 IPC_INSTALL_DIR = $(DEPOT)/ti/ipc_1_23_05_40 SYSLINK_INSTALL_DIR = $(DEPOT)/syslink_2_10_02_17 TI_C6X_INSTALL_DIR = $(DEPOT)/ti/ccsv5/tools/compiler/c6000 CS_ARM_INSTALL_DIR = $(DEPOT)/CodeSourcery/Sourcery_G++_Lite/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi- XDC_INSTALL_DIR = $(DEPOT)/xdctools_3_23_00_32 PKGPATH := $(SYSLINK_INSTALL_DIR)/packages PKGPATH := $(PKGPATH)+$(BIOS_INSTALL_DIR)/packages PKGPATH := $(PKGPATH)+$(IPC_INSTALL_DIR)/packages PKGPATH := $(PKGPATH)+$(XDC_INSTALL_DIR)/packages PKGPATH := $(PKGPATH)+$ # Use this goal to print your product variables. .show-products: @echo "BIOS_INSTALL_DIR = $(BIOS_INSTALL_DIR)" @echo "IPC_INSTALL_DIR = $(IPC_INSTALL_DIR)" @echo "SYSLINK_INSTALL_DIR = $(SYSLINK_INSTALL_DIR)" @echo "TI_ARM_INSTALL_DIR = $(TI_ARM_INSTALL_DIR)" @echo "TI_C6X_INSTALL_DIR = $(TI_C6X_INSTALL_DIR)" @echo "CS_ARM_INSTALL_DIR = $(CS_ARM_INSTALL_DIR)" @echo "XDC_INSTALL_DIR = $(XDC_INSTALL_DIR)" # ======== standard macros ======== ifneq (,$(wildcard $(XDC_INSTALL_DIR)/bin/echo.exe)) # use these on Windows CP = $(XDC_INSTALL_DIR)/bin/cp ECHO = $(XDC_INSTALL_DIR)/bin/echo MKDIR = $(XDC_INSTALL_DIR)/bin/mkdir -p RM = $(XDC_INSTALL_DIR)/bin/rm -f RMDIR = $(XDC_INSTALL_DIR)/bin/rm -rf else # use these on Linux CP = cp ECHO = echo MKDIR = mkdir -p RM = rm -f RMDIR = rm -rf endif

I'm not understanding the Makefile completely as it's a code example I'm simply expanding.

Any help would be most helpful.

Rolf Cdltd


For the record: The error "fatal error: opening dependency file [...]: No such file or directory" can also be caused by a too long path. Happened to me on Cygwin/Windows with a path that was way over 200 characters (didn't check exactly).


Got it working.

Needed to add a rule to create the output directories. So I added

ifeq (,$(wildcard bin/$(PROFILE)/obj/interface)) $(shell $(MKDIR) -p bin/$(PROFILE)/obj/interface) endif


This makefile is pretty convoluted, so a certain amount of guesswork is required, but I think the trouble is that it doesn't know how to find interface/ipc.c. Try adding this line at the bottom and see if helps:

vpath %.c interface

If it doesn't, we can try some other things. (And if it does, I can suggest some ways to simplify the makefile.)


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