Should I declare a mutable array/object as a const in ES2015? [closed]

If it was an immutable object, then I would have no doubt in declaring it as a const. But in this case it's just a const reference to an object while the object is modified later in the code.

const styles = {}; ... styles.width = rect.width + 'px';

I'm afraid it will be confusing for developers reading this code. It feels like let is more appropriate for objects that get mutated.


This is probably a question you wont be able to get a final answer for, as it is very opinion-based.

A little bit of historical background can help to understand how the confusing const came to be in the first place:

Allan Wirfs-Brock, the former editor of the EcmaScript spec, himself said:

In a slightly different (and perhaps better) universe, ECMAScript const declaration would be named let and introduce a SSA binding.

And asked, why this was not the case, he responded:

let/const was a carry over from ES4 proposals and Moz JS1.7

TC39 never seriously explored naming alternatives

So you could say const is a bit of a misnomer, since it doesn't do what people who aren't familiar with it might expect it to do.

Since const works the way it does though and is almost certainly not going to change, <strong>I would still define your objects with const</strong>.

This might help people who are unfamiliar with the way const works to get a better understanding.

Maybe it could help to add a comment at the first occurrence of const with an object, along the lines of:

// Important: 'const' only ensures that 'styles' always references the same object, // it does not render it immutable const styles = {};

Opinions may vary though.


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