PhoneGap open file in native app. Build via build.phonegap.com

At first:

YES, there are many solutions in StackOverflow, but non of them works in my case.

<ol> <li>I got application built in SmartGWT.mobile</li> <li>I attached config files and all needed files to this build to prepare it for PhoneGap</li> <li>Application is build via build.phonegap.com site.</li> <li>It works perfectly fine on Android 4.1.1 </li> </ol>

I want to:

<ol> <li>

Download file to local filesystem it is an PDF file - <strong>It is working fine</strong> using:

var fileTransfer = new FileTransfer(); fileTransfer.download(..... </li> <li>

Open PDF in native app (for eg. Adobe Reader) whichever is installed on android for PDFs - <strong>it is not working</strong>:

I tried:


cordova.exec("ChildBrowserCommand.showWebPage", encodeURI(theFile.toURL()) );




window.open(encodeURI(theFile.toURL()), '_blank', 'location=yes');

(4) even HTML5 plugin for open PDFs by firefox

</li> </ol>

All variations with "file://" without with "./" at front and so on.

childBrowser shows only white screen, each time adds "http://" at front, window.open - the same.

I finally found something interesting like WebIntent, so i did:

window.plugins.webintent.startActivity({ action: window.plugins.webintent.ACTION_VIEW, type: "application/pdf", url: encodeURI(theFile.toURL().substring(7))}, function() {}, function() {alert('Failed to open URL via Android Intent')} );

but its not working due to fact that phonegap-build not attaching class file and It can not find WebIntent Class

I declare this plugin using in config.xml:

<gap:plugin name="com.borismus.webintent.WebIntent" />

Do you know why it is not working, or what I'm doing worng ? Maybe you know other way to open file just like that in native app, it suppose to be simple

I just want my app to download and show (in native app) the PDF for user.


don's FileOpener version have worked on my app cordova 3.0

phonegap local plugin add https://github.com/don/FileOpener

all the xmls, plugin, etc are then added automatically.

added <strong>fileopener.js</strong> on index.html and then

window.plugins.fileOpener.open( path );


$("#page").on('pageshow', function(event, ui) { if(event.handled !== true) { window.requestFileSystem = window.requestFileSystem || window.webkitRequestFileSystem; window.requestFileSystem(LocalFileSystem.PERSISTENT, 0, gotFS, fail); event.handled = true; } return false; }); function fail() { console.log("failed to get filesystem"); } function gotFS(fileSystem) { console.log("got filesystem"); // save the file system for later access console.log(fileSystem.root.fullPath); window.rootFS = fileSystem.root; downloadImage(url, fileName); } function downloadImage(url, fileName){ var ft = new FileTransfer(); ft.download( url, window.rootFS.fullPath + "/" + fileName, function(entry) { console.log("download complete: " + entry.fullPath); }, function(error) { console.log("download error" + error.code); } ); }


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