'find_library' returns the same value in the loop in CMake

I'm trying to loop over a list with library names in CMake. In each iteration I search the library with find_library:

set(LIB_NAMES "TKBO;TKBRep;") set(LIBS_DIR /usr/local/OCCT/7.2.0/libd) FOREACH(LIB_NAME ${LIB_NAMES}) FIND_LIBRARY(LIB ${LIB_NAME} PATHS ${LIBS_DIR}) MESSAGE("<<${LIB_NAME}>>") MESSAGE("<<${LIB}>>") target_link_libraries(mySharedLib ${LIB}) ENDFOREACH()

For the above, I get the output:

<<TKBO>> <</usr/local/OCCT/7.2.0/libd/libTKBO.dylib>> <<TKBRep>> <</usr/local/OCCT/7.2.0/libd/libTKBO.dylib>>

While LIB_NAME updates, FIND_LIBRARY seems to be using an outdated value. I also tried to explicitly UNSET(LIB_NAME) at the end of the loop but that didn't help either.

What could I be overlooking?


Result of find_library is CACHED variable, and once the library is found, the variable is not updated.

When search different libraries, it is better to use different result variables:

FOREACH(LIB_NAME ${LIB_NAMES}) set(LIB_VAR LIB_{LIB_NAME}) # Variable which stores result of the search FIND_LIBRARY(${LIB_VAR} ${LIB_NAME} PATHS ${LIBS_DIR}) target_link_libraries(mySharedLib ${${LIB_VAR}}) ENDFOREACH()

Here LIB_TKBO variable is used for TKBO library, and LIB_TKBRep variable - for TKBRep library.


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See here for a similar problem.


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