What's a RESTful way to query with filters?

Say my application is managing objects called workload, with the following fields. I want to expose a REST interface for user to query workloads by labels.

"Workload": {"id":"test1", "labels":["A", "B", "C"]} "Workload": {"id":"test2", "labels":["A", "C", "D"]} "Workload": {"id":"test3", "labels":["A", "B", "D"]}

<strong>Question</strong>: How do I design the REST endpoint so that it would supports query workload by multiple labels as filter?

<strong>Sample Query 1</strong>: I want to GET all the workloads with both "A" and "B".

I'm thinking something like GET as verb, workloads as endpoint, then use a {"labels": ["A", "B"]} as request body. But this does not seem like a RESTful way to do things

Alternatively, I can do GET /labels/{label-id}/workloads but this would only work with one label per time.

<s><strong>Sample Query 2</strong>: I want to GET all the workloads with label "A" or "B" but no "C"

No clue how to do this sort of rest api at all, other than ask user to query by A, B, C separately then do proper set operations themselves?</s>

The second query is tracked as another question


GET verb not takes request body. You should do something like 'workload /labels/A, B, C '. You then get A,B, C in request query. Make an array with comma separated from request query and find records.


Use query parameters, its fine to repeat them.

GET /workloads?label=A&label=B&label=C

For simple cases you could alsoor and not the terms like this.

GET /workloads?or_label=A&or_label=B&label_not=C


You have a lot of options the only constraint here, that they should contain A and B. So for example

    <li>/workloads/?label=["A","B"]</li> <li>/workloads/?label[]=A&label[]=B - aka. query string array</li> <li>/workloads/by/label/A+B/</li> <li>/label/A+B/workloads/</li> </ul>

    There are existing URI query conventions as well, for example Microsoft Odata. http://docs.oasis-open.org/odata/odata/v4.0/odata-v4.0-part2-url-conventions.html I am not familiar with OData, but according to the docs you should use something like /WorkloadsByLabels(labels=@c)?@c=["A","B"] if you want to follow their approach. Afaik. there is no standard solution to describe complex URI filters.


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