How to prevent xml-wrapper element in Swagger-ui

I am using swagger-ui version 2.2.8

Our existing API can produce application/json as well as application/xml. For a single record result in json it produces:

{ "person": { "id": 23, "name": "John" } }

and for XML it produces:

<person> <id>23</id> <name>John</name> </person>

My swagger-schema for this is:

{ "person": { "type": "object", "properties": { "person": { "$ref": "#/definitions/personfields" } } } }

When viewed in swagger-ui the json model is looking fine. However the XML-model becomes:

<person> <person> <id>1</id> <name>string</name> </person> </person>

Is there a way to prevent this double <person> but still get the correct JSON result?


In OpenAPI terms, your JSON and XML models are different – the JSON version of

<person> <id>23</id> <name>John</name> </person>

would be

{ "id": 23, "name": "John" }

without the wrapper property person.

You can't have a single schema for models that differ in this way.

What you can do is define your model as a free-form object (type: object without properties) and specify the JSON/XML response examples instead – but in this case you lose the ability to define the object properties.

definitions: person: type: object paths: /person: get: produces: - application/json - application/xml responses: 200: description: OK schema: $ref: '#/definitions/person' examples: application/json: | { "person": { "id": 23, "name": "John" } } application/xml: | <person> <id>23</id> <name>John</name> </person>

Note: If you use Swagger UI, use version 3.0.x becase 2.2.x does not display such examples correctly.

In the next version – OpenAPI 3.0 (which is RC at the moment of writing) – it will be possible to specify different schemas for different response MIME types. So in 3.0 your example will be described as:

paths: /person: get: responses: '200': description: OK content: application/json: $ref: '#/components/definitions/PersonJson' application/xml: $ref: '#/components/definitions/Person' components: definitions: # XML object schema Person: type: object properties: id: type: integer example: 23 name: type: string example: John xml: name: person # JSON object schema with a wrapper property "person" PersonJson: type: object properties: person: $ref: '#/components/definitions/Person'


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