Regular expression to match single bracket pairs but not double bracket pairs

Is it possible to make a regular expression to match everything within single brackets but ignore double brackets, so for example in:

{foo} {bar} {{baz}}

I'd like to match foo and bar but not baz?


To only match foo and bar without the surrounding braces, you can use


if your language supports lookbehind assertions.


(?<= # Assert that the following can be matched before the current position (?<!\{) # (only if the preceding character isn't a {) \{ # a { ) # End of lookbehind [^{}]* # Match any number of characters except braces (?= # Assert that it's possible to match... \} # a } (?!\}) # (only if there is not another } that follows) ) # End of lookahead

<strong>EDIT:</strong> In JavaScript, you don't have lookbehind. In this case you need to use something like this:

var myregexp = /(?:^|[^{])\{([^{}]*)(?=\}(?!\}))/g; var match = myregexp.exec(subject); while (match != null) { for (var i = 0; i < match.length; i++) { // matched text: match[1] } match = myregexp.exec(subject); }


In many languages you can use lookaround assertions:



    <li>(?<!\{): previous character is not a {</li> <li>\{([^}]+)\}: something inside curly braces, e.g. {foo}</li> <li>(?!\}): following character is not a }</li> </ul>


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