Change exported value of p:graphicImage in p:dataExporter

I have the following problem:

I get false / true values from my database in form of „0“ and „1“ strings.

Because I want to be nice :-) to my users, the output in my datatable shouldn't be zeros and ones.

So I use a graphic which represents the states zero and one.

I do it like this (inside p:datatable):

<p:column width="50" sortBy="#{report.arrived}"> <f:facet name="header">Report?</f:facet> <p:graphicImage library="images" name="#{report.arrived}.gif" /> </p:column>

So 0.gif is shown for false and 1.gif for true.

It looks like this:

<img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/9nW3u.png" alt="Screenshot">

My problem with the dataexporter from primefaces is that this column will be exported as


Is there a way to change the exported value? Any ideas how I could get a graphical image and exporting the value?

I appreciate your help!

Specs: JBoss 7.1 JSF 2.0 Primefaces 3.5


Solved, smiliar to this solution, thx to BalusC !

p:dataExporter does not recognize p:cellEditor


As per issue 4013, reported by yours truly, since PrimeFaces 3.5.25, 4.0.9 and 5.0 the data exporters have now additional support for <p:cellEditor> and <h:graphicImage>.

In case of <h:graphicImage>, the alt attribute will be used to represent the exported value. Additional bonus is, it forces you to make your website more accessible to the visually disabled ;)


<p:graphicImage ... alt="#{report.arrived == '0' ? 'No' : 'Yes'}" />

By the way, you should here really better use a boolean or an enum instead of an int.

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