Remove class not working with MooTools

I'm using the following piece of code in my webpage to change the class of select elements depending on the choice of a radio button.

The part where I add the class works fine but the other (where I remove them) doesn't work. I get no error in the Error console and when I changed my code to have the part that removes the class put another class to the select elements it worked fine.

<script type="text/javascript"> window.addEvent('domready', function(){ $('votconj').addEvent('click', function() { // This works fine $('first_name_conjoint').addClass("validate['required','nodigit']"); $('last_name_conjoint').addClass("validate['required','nodigit']"); $('jj_conjoint').addClass("validate['required']"); $('mm_conjoint').addClass("validate['required']"); $('aaaa_conjoint').addClass("validate['required']"); $('conjoint_regime').addClass("validate['required']"); new FormCheck('formulaire'); }); $('votconj_no').addEvent('click', function() { // This doesn't work ! $('first_name_conjoint').removeClass("validate['required','nodigit']"); $('last_name_conjoint').removeClass("validate['required','nodigit']"); $('jj_conjoint').removeClass("validate['required']"); $('mm_conjoint').removeClass("validate['required']"); $('aaaa_conjoint').removeClass("validate['required']"); $('conjoint_regime').removeClass("validate['required']"); new FormCheck('formulaire'); }); new FormCheck('formulaire'); }); </script> // The radio button <label>Conjoint :</label> <input type="radio" name="votconj" id="votconj" value="oui">oui <input type="radio" name="votconj" id="votconj_no" value="non" checked="checked">non


It doesn't work because the MooTools ".removeClass()" method simple-mindedly jams the class name into the middle of a regex without bothering to escape embedded regex meta-characters.

You can, however, work around the problem by doing the appropriate quoting yourself. In this example, it'd look like this:


Here is a jsfiddle.


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