C# - Pan cursor

I'm implementing panning of a large image in a PictureBox control, and I have no problem setting the appropriate directional pan cursors. However, I can't seem to find the image used for the origin of the pan (a circle with arrows inside of it).

Where can I find it?


I think the image that you are looking is not included in the framework. Every app uses their own cursor for that (AFAIK). The closest you can get is using Cursors.SizeAll as Hans Passant already told you:

this.Cursor = Cursors.SizeAll;


I found some documentation about the scroll cursor origin. Putting a window in "reader mode" by calling DoReaderMode() will plant the scroll origin icon and scroll the window.

Doc page mentioning the scroll origin icon (near the bottom of the page):


Doc page for DoReaderMode():



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