jQuery Animate transform infinite

I need to set infinite rotating but it doesn't work.

function AnimateRotate(angle) { var $elem = $('.icon-repeat'); $({deg: 0}).animate({deg: angle}, { duration: 5000, step: function(now) { $elem.css({ transform: 'rotate(' + now + 'deg) infinite' }); } }); }

That is my code, and this line <strong>transform: 'rotate(' + now + 'deg) infinite'</strong> .. if I remove <strong>infinite</strong> it works for one rotate, but I need to rotate infinite.. I have to write it in JS, I think...


Try this, You should set the "repeat" value. AnimateRotate(degree, repeatcount).

In your case set the repeatcount as "<strong>infinite</strong>".

function AnimateRotate(angle,repeat) { var duration= 1000; setTimeout(function() { if(repeat && repeat == "infinite") { AnimateRotate(angle,repeat); } else if ( repeat && repeat > 1) { AnimateRotate(angle, repeat-1); } },duration) var $elem = $('.icon-repeat'); $({deg: 0}).animate({deg: angle}, { duration: duration, step: function(now) { $elem.css({ 'transform': 'rotate('+ now +'deg)' }); } }); } AnimateRotate(45,"infinite");

Here the demo


Here goes another answer, one that uses the complete callback of the animate() function instead of setInterval(), and that can be canceled:

function rotateForEver($elem, rotator) {
    if (rotator === void(0)) {
        rotator = $({deg: 0});
    } else {
        rotator.get(0).deg = 0;

    return rotator.animate(
        {deg: 360},
            duration: 5000,
            easing: 'linear',
            step: function(now){
                $elem.css({transform: 'rotate(' + now + 'deg)'});
            complete: function(){
                rotateForEver($elem, rotator);

You would then use it like this:

$(function() {
    var $rotator = rotateForEver($('.icon-repeat'));
    $('#some-button-to-cancel').click(function() {



You can wrap it with setInterval():

function AnimateRotate(angle) { var $elem = $('.icon-repeat'); setInterval(function(){ $({deg: 0}).animate({deg: angle}, { duration: 5000, step: function(now) { $elem.css({ transform: 'rotate(' + now + 'deg) infinite' }); } }); } }

and call it like:


Updated demo as suggested by bemol.


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