Super-weird issue triggering “Segmentation Fault”

I won't go very deep into the issue (the codebase is already thousands of lines and quite complex), so I'll try to miniminise the... "window" to what I've spotted.

<strong>Here's the routine triggering the "Segmentation Fault" :</strong>

extern (C) { void* Statements_new() { return cast(void*)(new Statements()); } void Statements_add(Statements s, Statement st) { //writeln("In here"); if (s is null) writeln("StatemenTS are null"); else writeln("not null : "~ typeid(s).name); if (st is null) writeln("statement is null"); else writeln("not null : " ~ typeid(st).name); s.add(st); //writeln("Out of here"); } }

<strong>A few notes :</strong>

    <li>The declared methods are nothing but "bindings" so that native routines can be called directly from C code (Bison actually).</li> <li>The Statements_add function is called with a Statements object and a subclassed Statement object.</li> </ul>

    <strong>Now, the weirdness of it :</strong>

      <li>The error doesn't happen all the time (actually it doesn't happen like 99% of the time), but when it does, the s.add(st); statement seems the culprit.</li> <li>Never ever is one of the 2 parameters (s,st) null.</li> <li>Now, if I comment the 2 if... writeln... typeid statements, the error is there.</li> <li>If I uncomment them (they don't do anything, huh?), it always works - fixed - bingo!</li> </ul>

      What's going on???


      A few more details :

        <li><strong>Compiler :</strong> DMD64 D Compiler v2.065</li> <li><strong>Debugger :</strong> lldb</li> <li><strong>OS :</strong> OSX 10.9.2</li> </ul>


        If you are passing the only reference of an object allocated in D code from the D heap to non-D code, then you must either register it as a GC root, or change your code to use malloc instead of allocating from the managed D heap. Otherwise, the GC will think that the object is unused, and collect it to free memory.


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