How to get DL in Exchange Server using Java API?

How to get DL (distribution List) from Microsoft Exchange Server via EWS in Java?

I have tried EWS Java API but could not find list of Distribution List(GAL) of exchange server, any help regarding to this API or any other would be appreciated.


The GAL is not directly supported. You can use the ResolveNames method to resolve individual names. To perform a search on the GAL, you need to use LDAP. See http://www.infinitec.de/post/2005/02/How-to-get-the-Global-Address-List-programatically.aspx.


Take a look on JIntegra. I remember that they support of MS Exchange. Probably some API exists. Good luck.


You can use LDAP if you have access to that. Or PowerShell. But Henning is right EWS itself has pretty limited stuff here.


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