SP_EXECUTESQL and Output Parameter

I would like get the ID from the query, but I am getting a NULL, where is my mistake?

DECLARE @TblZimz NVARCHAR(256) DECLARE @IdModul INTEGER DECLARE @Id INTEGER SET @TblZimz = '_ZIMZ000001' SET @IdModul = 1 --SET @Id = -1 EXECUTE [InsertZimz] @TblZimz, @IdModul, @Id OUTPUT ALTER PROCEDURE [InsertZimz] @TblZimz NVARCHAR(256) , @IdModul NVARCHAR(256) , @Id INTEGER OUTPUT DECLARE @SqlQuery NVARCHAR(MAX) SET @SqlQuery = 'SELECT TOP (1) ([ID]) FROM ' + @TblZimz + ' WHERE [ModulId] = ' + @IdModul EXEC SP_EXECUTESQL @SqlQuery, N'@Id INTEGER OUTPUT', @Id OUTPUT

why the @Id Paramter is alwasy null? I cant see my mistake?


First, select the desired id in an output variable using @Id = ([ID]) then assign this @Id OUTPUT value in the @Id variable using @Id = @Id OUTPUT. Also, you should pass data in where clause using a variable to avoid sql injection problem like [ModulId] = @IdModul (i.e. you should not concatenate it like [ModulId] = ' + @IdModul). try this :

DECLARE @SqlQuery NVARCHAR(MAX) SET @SqlQuery = 'SELECT TOP (1) @Id = ([ID]) FROM ' + @TblZimz + ' WHERE [ModulId] = @IdModul' EXEC SP_EXECUTESQL @SqlQuery, N'@Id INT OUTPUT, @IdModul INT', @IdModul = @IdModul, @Id = @Id OUTPUT

Check details of SP_EXECUTESQL here


Like Deepak's answer, but more easy:



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