MFC application title

I am creating a simple clock application using MFC. My application title appears as follows : "CLOCK - [CLOCK1]". How do I reset it to simply "CLOCK"? FYI, I have enabled the Document-View architecture.


Put in this override of the MFC title:

void CMainFrame::OnUpdateFrameTitle(BOOL bAddToTitle) { SetWindowText(L"CLOCK"); }


There's an answer here, but I feel that the following solution is more "proper".

In addition to overriding CMainFrame::OnUpdateFrameTitle(), you also need to override CMainFrame::PreCreateWindow() as below:

BOOL CMainFrame::PreCreateWindow(CREATESTRUCT& cs) { cs.style &= ~FWS_ADDTOTITLE; return CFrameWndEx::PreCreateWindow(cs); // replace CFrameWndEx by CFrameWnd if } // your CMainFrame is based on CFrameWnd

A note: it is better to use AfxSetWindowText(m_hWnd, _T("foo")) instead of SetWindowText(_T("foo")) to avoid excessive flicker, it checks that the text is different before setting the window text.


You can change it in visual editor by clicking on a your window and typing a title. Or you can add this code in function OnInitDialog



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