CSS Position Fixed not working in Chrome

I have the following webpage;


When scrolling, the box with booking information is meant to scroll down the page with the window, which works fine on Firefox, IE and Safari, but on Chrome it stays up top (despite the inspector visually laying out the box where it should be).

The Jquery to add the fixed class to the box is pretty simple;

function fixScroll() { if ($(document).scrollTop() > 295) { $('.booking_box').addClass('fixed'); } else { $('.booking_box').removeClass('fixed'); } } $(function() { $(window).on('scroll', function() { fixScroll(); }); });

And the fixed class just has these declarations;

&.fixed { float: left; position: fixed !important; top: 12px; width: 340px; @media #{$s1200} { width: 274px; } @media #{$s992} { position: inherit !important; top: auto !important; width: auto !important; } }

The box itself just sits inside a bootstrap column.

I've seen a few questions with similar issues, but can't find a solution and the whole thing is baffling me! I'm using Bootstrap, but can't see any conflicts there either.

If anybody can spot where I'm going wrong, I'd be very grateful!


You have added -webkit-perspective: 1000; in .mobile_panel.

.mobile_panel { -webkit-perspective: 1000; //remove this }

Remove it.. And your fixed block will work perfectly


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