Run a function without a parameter but needed a variable outside of the function - PHP

I have this class called Campaign and I'm trying to echo $campaign->getName() without using any parameters like echo $campaign->getName($user_id, $campaign_id)

<?php $campaign = new Campaign($db); class Campaign { private $db; public function __construct($db) { $this->db = $db; } public function getName() { $query = $this->db->prepare("SELECT name FROM campaign WHERE campaign_id = :campaign_id AND user_id = :user_id"); $status = $query->execute(array(':campaign_id' => $campaign_id, ':user_id' => $user_id)); return ($query->rowCount() == 1) ? $query->fetchObject()->name : false; } }

What I'm getting is

Missing argument 1 for Campaign::getName() Missing argument 2 for Campaign::getName()

Well logically thinking that's supposed to happen.

What I'm trying to call is $user_id and $campaign_id that's been retrieved at <strong>session</strong>

Here's the structure of my init.php where all the classes/functions are being stored.

<img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/17cgr.png" alt="enter image description here">

Is it possible to call a function without a parameter, but that function needed a variable outside of the function?


You cannot access that variable since its only not defined locally inside the function. If you want to use the var inside when its defined outside you use global before the var.

$foo = 'bar'; function baz() { global $foo; // now u can use it inside. }

Php variable scope

I dont like globals personally, you could also do something like:

function foo($arg1 = null, $arg2 = null) { // if they are not set retrieve from a session $arg1 = ($arg1 !== null) ? $arg1 : $_SESSION['arg1']; // rinse repeat. }


You havent called the $user_id and $campaign_id from session

Should have $user_id and $campaign_id as global variables:

global $user_id; global $campaign_id; $user_id = $_SESSION['user_id']; $campaign_id = $_SESSION['campaign_id'];

Place the above variable declaration after session_start() on your screenshot

Try this:

<?php session_start(); $campaign = new Campaign($db); class Campaign { private $db; public function __construct($db) { $this->db = $db; } public function getName() { $query = $this->db->prepare("SELECT name FROM campaign WHERE campaign_id = :campaign_id AND user_id = :user_id"); $status = $query->execute(array(':campaign_id' => $_SESSION['campaign_id'], ':user_id' => $_SESSION['user_id'])); return ($query->rowCount() == 1) ? $query->fetchObject()->name : false; } }


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