Node.js: promisifying callback library for 'yield' keyword

I'm trying to build a simple REST API with Koa.js. It uses ES6 generator functions, which I find much more pleasant than callbacks (they're just like C#'s async-await). The yield keyword expects a thenable (promise, thunk, generator). I'm using Bluebird's promisifyAll method to promisify callback libraries (request in my case), but I still keep getting error. Here are my code and the error:

var koa = require('koa') , route = require('koa-route') , app = module.exports = koa() , Promise = require('bluebird') , request = Promise.promisifyAll(require('request')); app.use(route.get('/users', list)); function *list() { var res = yield request.get('http://backbonejs-beginner.herokuapp.com/users'); this.body = res.body; } app.listen(3000);

Stack trace for the error:

Error: yield a function, promise, generator, array, or object at next (/Users/jashua/Desktop/node_modules/koa/node_modules/co/index.js:109:12) at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/jashua/Desktop/node_modules/koa/node_modules/co/index.js:50:5) at next (/Users/jashua/Desktop/node_modules/koa/node_modules/co/index.js:93:21) at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/jashua/Desktop/node_modules/koa/node_modules/co/index.js:50:5) at Server.<anonymous> (/Users/jashua/Desktop/node_modules/koa/lib/application.js:121:8) at Server.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:107:17) at HTTPParser.parserOnIncoming [as onIncoming] (_http_server.js:504:12) at HTTPParser.parserOnHeadersComplete (_http_common.js:111:23) at Socket.socketOnData (_http_server.js:357:22) at Socket.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:104:17)

What am I missing?


Bluebird adds an Async suffix to promisified functions with promisifyAll.


var res = yield request.getAsync('http://backbonejs-beginner.herokuapp.com/users');


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