How can I match the \\0 character in a regex in C++?

I need to match the text '\0' with the same regex that I would match 'a' or 'b'. (a regex for a character constant in C++). I've tried a bunch of different regexes, but haven't gotten a successful one yet. My latest attempt:


Most of the other things I've tried have given seg faults, so this is really the closest I've gotten.


This works pretty nicely with what I've tested ('a','b','\0').

If you don't have std::regex or boost::regex I guess what you can get out of it is the fact that the regex I used is ('.'|'\\0').

#include <boost/regex.hpp> #include <string> #include <iostream> #include <vector> int main() { std::vector<std::string> strings; strings.push_back(R"('a')"); strings.push_back(R"('b')"); strings.push_back(R"('\0')"); boost::regex rgx(R"(('.'|'\\0'))"); boost::smatch match; for(auto& i : strings) { if(boost::regex_match(i,match, rgx)) { boost::ssub_match submatch = match[1]; std::cout << submatch.str() << '\n'; } } }



There's nothing magic about '\0'; it's just a character, like any other character, and there's nothing (almost) special you have to do to use it in a regular expression. The only problem you might run into is if you use it in the middle of a character literal that you pass to a function that treats it as the end of a string. To avoid that, force it into a std::string:

const char s[] = "a\0b"; std::string not_my_str(s); // not_my_str holds "a" std::string str(s, 3); // str holds "a\0b"

Once you've constructed the string object, the embedded '\0' gets no special treatment. Except, of course, if you copy the contents with a function that treats it specially.


The regex that works (in this instance, using the C header ) is:


Thanks to @WhozCraig for the help!


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