Drools Java 7 support in Eclipse

I created a Drools project in Eclipse (Indigo) configured to use JRE 1.7. But I get an error pointing to my .drl file:

com/sample/DroolsTest$Message : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0

The com.sample.DroolsTest.Message class is imported by the .drl file. The Drools runtime was 5.2.1 (also tried with 5.3.0.Final).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


This exception doesn't seem to have to do anything with Drools in particular, but is a generic Java error. It occurs if you try to execute a Java class with a JRE that is older than the JDK that was used to compile it. For example, if you compiled the class with a JDK7 and then tried to execute it with a JDK6, you would get this error.


Just to detail above answer and comment. I had both JRE6 and JRE7 installed, with JRE7 being the default. I had to do two things to remove the error from the drools sample project.

<ol> <li>Set the JRE for the project to 1.6 Project properties->Java Build Path->Libraries. Remove JRE System Library 1.7 and Add Library->JRE System Library->Alternate JRE->JRE6</li> <li>Set the compiler compliance level for the project at 1.6. Project properties->Java Compiler->check Enable Project specific settings and set Compiler compliance level at 1.6.</li> </ol>


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