How to break out of for loop in protractor?

This is my code -

formElements[0].findElements(by.repeater(repeater)).then(function(items){ console.log(i, '>>>>>>>>>.No of items in the list --- '+items.length); (function(items){ for(var x1=0; x1<itemsToBeSelected.length; x1++){ console.log(i, '>>>>>>.Looking for item --- '+itemsToBeSelected[x1]); skip = false; (function(items, x1){ for(var x2=0; x2<items.length; x2++){ (function(items, x2){ items[x2].getText().then(function(itemName){ console.log(i, '>>>>..Verifying '+itemsToBeSelected[x1]+' with '+itemName); if(itemName == itemsToBeSelected[x1]){ console.log(i, '>>>>>.Selecting the item --- '+itemName); items[x2].findElement(by.css('.regular-checkbox')).click(); } }); }(items, x2)); } }(items, x1)); } }(items)); });

I want to break out of inner for loop when the condition itemName == itemsToBeSelected[x1] is satisfied. Tried using flag, return statements, but unable to break out from the loop.

Please suggest corrections in the code.


ptor.element.all(by.repeater(repeater)).then(function(products){ console.log(i, '>>>>>>>>>.Products length --- '+products.length); async.each(products, verifyName, function(err){ console.log('>>>>>>>>>>>err value --- '+err); expect(err).toBe(true); if(err){ console.log(i, '>>>>>>>>.Element is present'); }else{ console.log(i, '>>>>>>>>.Element is not present'); } }); function verifyName(product, callback){ console.log(i, '>>>>>>>>.Inside function verifyName'); product.getText().then(function(name){ console.log('>>>>>>>>>>Looking for product --- '+name); if(name==entityName){ console.log(i, '>>>>>>>>Verified the name - '+name); callback(true); } }); } });

We can achieve the same results with the help of async.each module as well. For e.g. I've posted a code in which i'm trying to find a single value.

So in relation to my question, we can click or perform any action on the element before setting callback(true). Say for e.g. here we could do - product.click();


Nevermind what I said before the edit, you could use caolan's async module to iterate over your array, with the detect or detectSeries function.

It should look something like this :

formElements[0].findElements(by.repeater(repeater)).then(function(items) { console.log(i, '>>>>>>>>>.No of items in the list --- ' + items.length); itemsToBeSelected.forEach(function(itemToBeSelected) { async.detect(items, function(item, next) { item.getText().then(function(itemName) { // This function will be called on each item in items, until next(true) is called console.log('Verifying ' + itemToBeSelected + ' with ' + itemName); // Here you call the callback with the truth value : return next(itemName === itemToBeSelected); }); }, function(item) { // This function is called with the first item that resulted in a true // callback value. console.log('Selecting the item --- ' + item); item.findElement(by.css('.regular-checkbox')).click(); }); }); });


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