Display dynamically generated image to the browser using jsp

I am doing a small project with images using jsp/servlets.In that I generate some image dynamically(actually I'll decrypt two image shares as one).That decrypted image must be displayed directly to browser without saving it as file in filesystem.

Crypting c=new Crypting(); BufferedImage imgKey; BufferedImage imgEnc; imgKey = ImageIO.read(new File("E:/Netbeans Projects/banking/web/Key.png")); imgEnc=ImageIO.read(new File("E:/Netbeans Projects/banking/build/web/upload/E.png")); BufferedImage imgDec=Crypting.decryptImage(imgKey,imgEnc);

When I store it in filesystem and display it using <img> it does not show the image.When reloaded it shows the image.So it is problem with the backend work of IDE. Any help pls...


<ol> <li>Make a servlet to generate images.</li> <li>Use html img tag with attribute src, as a path to your genarated resource.</li> </ol>

Example in spring boot (QR Codes). Servlet

public class QRCodeServlet extends HttpServlet { @Override protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp) throws ServletException, IOException { String url = req.getParameter("url"); String format = req.getParameter("format"); QRCodeFormat formatParam = StringUtils.isNotEmpty(format) && format.equalsIgnoreCase("PDF") ? QRCodeFormat.PDF : QRCodeFormat.JPG; if(formatParam.equals(QRCodeFormat.PDF)) resp.setContentType("application/pdf"); else resp.setContentType("image/jpeg"); if(StringUtils.isNotBlank(url)) { ByteArrayOutputStream stream = QRCodeService.getQRCodeFromUrl(url, formatParam); stream.writeTo(resp.getOutputStream()); } } }


@Configuration public class WebMvcConfig { @Bean public ServletRegistrationBean qrCodeServletRegistrationBean(){ ServletRegistrationBean qrCodeBean = new ServletRegistrationBean(new QRCodeServlet(), "/qrcode"); qrCodeBean.setLoadOnStartup(1); return qrCodeBean; } }


String qrcodeServletPrefix = "http://localhost:8082/qrcode?url=" String encodedUrl = URLEncoder.encode("http://exmaple.com?param1=value1&param2=value2", "UTF-8"); modelAndView.addObject("qrcodepage", qrcodeServletPrefix + encodedUrl); modelAndView.setViewName("contracts/activateProcessVasResult");


<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" %> <img src="<c:url value='${qrcodepage}'/>" />


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