Convert LocalDate.MAX to Date

We are using Spring Data JPA to access a Derby-DB. Temporal values are defined as java.time.LocalDate (java 8 time api). Spring Data now is shipped with a org.springframework.data.convert.Jsr310Converters.LocalDateToDateConverter to convert LocalDate to java.util.Date, since - far as I know - JPA specification does not support LocalDate so far.

We now have an issue when converting a LocalDate.MAX to Date, resulting in the following exception (stripped):

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: java.lang.ArithmeticException: long overflow at java.util.Date.from(Unknown Source) at org.springframework.data.convert.Jsr310Converters$LocalDateToDateConverter.convert(Jsr310Converters.java:116) at org.springframework.data.jpa.convert.threeten.Jsr310JpaConverters$LocalDateConverter.convertToDatabaseColumn(Jsr310JpaConverters.java:52) at org.springframework.data.jpa.convert.threeten.Jsr310JpaConverters$LocalDateConverter.convertToDatabaseColumn(Jsr310JpaConverters.java:47) at org.hibernate.type.descriptor.converter.AttributeConverterSqlTypeDescriptorAdapter$1.bind(AttributeConverterSqlTypeDescriptorAdapter.java:97) ... 79 more Caused by: java.lang.ArithmeticException: long overflow at java.lang.Math.multiplyExact(Unknown Source) at java.time.Instant.toEpochMilli(Unknown Source) ... 84 more

Anyone who also faced this issue and have a suggestion to overcome this issue?


java.util.Date doesn't support dates that far into the future. See its javadoc :

Instant can store points on the time-line further in the future and further in the past than Date.

Consequently you would have to define your own JPA AttributeConverter and maybe store it as a String, or some other type


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