Start a long-running program over SSH [closed]

I have a Virtual Machine that is running Ubuntu, and I can SSH into the Virtual Machine just fine. I can even start my python program over SSH using the following:

python foldername/app.py

I am on a Windows machine, using Git Bash to SSH. If I start my python program this, way I have to leave the Git Bash window open. How can I start the python program without having to leave the Git Bash open on my Windows machine? Any help is much appreciated!


you can use nohup:

nohup python foldername/app.py &

now you can close your connection and the program will keep running. You can find more information here and here.


Another option would be to use a virtual terminal, e.g:

    <li>screen</li> <li>tmux</li> </ul>

    Both of them should be available via the ubuntu package manager.

    Then (after logging in via ssh) issue the following commands:

      <li>screen</li> <li>python myprog.py</li> <li>CTRL+A D</li> </ul>

      or for tmux

        <li>tmux</li> <li>python myprog.py</li> <li>CTRL+B D</li> </ul>

        Then you can close your ssh connection and look at the output when you return later by typing screen attach or tmux attach

        I'd personally recommend using tmux.


        Two main approaches come to my mind, depending on what you are up to:

        <ol> <li>

        Make the program run as a daemon (a program that runs in the background, not connected to any terminal); if appropriate (and logistically feasible), configure the system-wide init system to start it.

        </li> <li>

        Alternatively, just run the program under a terminal multiplexer program (like GNU screen) that implements a persistent virtual terminal that you can attach to/detach from as needed.

        </li> </ol>


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