Listen to element visibility in Angular 2

I'm using Bootstrap and Angular 2 (v4) for my webapp. I would like to listen to an element in a directive for visibility changes. My element has a parent that can hide its children with hidden-sm-up and I need to trigger a function each time it is hidden or displayed.

div.hidden-sm-up input.form-control(myDirective, type='number')

and in my directive:

@Directive({ selector: '[myDirective]' }) export class myDirective { constructor(private element: ElementRef, private renderer: Renderer){ } ngAfterViewInit(): void{ // listen to visibility change here } }


ngDoCheck is run when change detection is run, therefore I think it's the right place if you want to monitor it instead of just get it once at component creation time:

@HostListener('window:resize') ngDoCheck() { this.isVisible = this.element.nativeElement.offsetParent !== null; }

There might be better option, like some events that are emitted somewhere, but for the general case ngDoCheck should work fine.


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