Notification when ReactiveCommand completes

I'm trying to use ReactiveUI ReactiveCommands to switch on and off a gRPC stream that I've converted into an observable.

The code shown below works to some extent - the connect button will cause the stream to connect, and I start receiving data in the onNext handler of the subscribe. The disconnect button does also disconnect the stream via the cancellation token.

However, once the disconnect command is executed, I would also like to be notified so I can clear up some other state in the application. I understand that the onCompleted of the ReactiveCommand never gets called, because at any point it could be executed again, so my question is - how can I know when the stream has been switched off?


this.WhenActivated(d =>
    d(this.BindCommand(ViewModel, x => x.ConnectCommand, x => x.Connect));
    d(this.BindCommand(ViewModel, x => x.DisconnectCommand, x => x.Disconnect));


ConnectCommand = ReactiveCommand.CreateFromObservable(
    () => appService.ApplicationStream(request)
    resp => 
    () => 
        // Ideally I could do something useful here, but https://stackoverflow.com/a/26599880/57215
        _logger.Debug("Never called, ReactiveCommands never OnComplete"); 

ConnectCommand.IsExecuting.Subscribe(x => _logger.Debug($"is executing: {x}"));
ConnectCommand.CanExecute.Subscribe(x => _logger.Debug($"can execute: {x}"));
ConnectCommand.ThrownExceptions.Subscribe(ex =>
    throw new Exception($"Could not get data from server: {ex}"));

DisconnectCommand = ReactiveCommand.Create(
    () => { },


public IObservable<ApplicationStreamResponse> ApplicationStream(ApplicationStreamRequest request)
    return Observable.Create<ApplicationStreamResponse>(async (observer, token) =>
            using (var call = _client.ApplicationStream(request, cancellationToken: token))

                while (await call.ResponseStream.MoveNext())
                    if (token.IsCancellationRequested) return;
        catch (RpcException e)
            if (e.Status.StatusCode == StatusCode.Cancelled)
                _logger.Debug($"Application stream was disconnected: {e.Status.Detail}");



Subscribe to the command:

d(this.BindCommand(ViewModel, x => x.DisconnectCommand, x => x.Disconnect)); this.ViewModel.DisconnectCommand .Subscribe(_ => { /* command finished */});

Or create a bool reative property, set it to true at the end of the DisconnectCommand code, and check the value in the view.


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