Django: Filtering drafts by user causes error

I'm trying to filter through a set of drafts objects in a database using the request.user variable. They are For some reason I get the error listed bellow. How can I fix this bug?


def posting_draft(request): user = request.user user_drafts = Draft.objects.filter(user = user) drafts = dict() for d in user_drafts: drafts[d.title] = d.id return render_to_response('posting_draft.html', {'STATIC_URL':STATIC_URL, 'draft_l' : drafts})


int() argument must be a string or a number, not 'SimpleLazyObject'


Since request.user is a SimpleLazyObject until it is accessed. Try changing your query to the following:

user_drafts = Draft.objects.filter(user = user.pk)


The problem is in the line:

user = request.user

Read this post for more details request.user returns a SimpleLazyObject, how do I "wake" it?


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