Encrypting a columnar transposition cipher

I'm trying to figure out how to encrypt a columnar transposition cipher in Python given a plaintext uppercase string and a number key of any length. For example, if the key is 3124 and the string is 'IHAVETWOCATS', it would organize the string like so:


and then return the characters in column 1 first, then column 2, etc, until finally returning the encrypted string 'HTAAWTIECVOS'. So far I know that I'll need to use an accumulator, and I've been toying with the idea of using a dictionary, but I'm just completely stuck. These are some of the functions I've tried:

def columnar(plaintext,key): cipher='' acc=0 for i in range(len(key)): while acc<(len(plaintext)/len(key)): cipher=cipher+plaintext[i+acc*5] acc=acc+1 return(cipher)

^This only returns a few letters, not a string of appropriate length.

def columnar(plaintext,key) values={} seqlist=[] nextvalue=1 indices=rand(len(key)) for letter in plaintext: for i in indices: if letter==key[i]: values[i]=nextvalue nextvalue=nextvalue+1 for i in indices: seqlist.append(values[i]) return seqlist

^The above function returns a KeyError: 0 error. Thank you very much for any help!


def split_len(seq, length): return [seq[i:i + length] for i in range(0, len(seq), length)] def encode(key, plaintext): order = { int(val): num for num, val in enumerate(key) } ciphertext = '' for index in sorted(order.keys()): for part in split_len(plaintext, len(key)): try: ciphertext += part[order[index]] except IndexError: continue return ciphertext print(encode('3214', 'IHAVETWOCATS')) #>>> HTAAWTIECVOS

split_len is by Ian Bicking

So i split the code into chunks with split_len then use dictionary comprehension to just get correct order of indexes and finally i concatanate the letters in that order.


def encode(txt,key): sz = len(key) # how big are the columns cols = list(map("".join,zip(*zip(*[iter(txt)]*sz)))) # list partitioned into columns return "".join([cols[key.index(str(c))] for c in range(1,sz+1)]) encoded = encode("IHAVETWOCATS","3124") print encoded

is probably how I would do it


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