Query self-referential List relationship to retrieve several level child

I have a self referential Adjacency List Relationship, that I created following SqlAlchemy documentation. The model looks like:

class Menu(db.Model): id = db.Column(db.Integer, primary_key = True) title = db.Column(db.String(255)) ordering = db.Column(db.SmallInteger, default = '1') parent_id = db.Column(db.Integer, db.ForeignKey('menu.id')) children = db.relationship("Menu", cascade="all, delete-orphan", backref = db.backref('parent', remote_side=[id]), collection_class = attribute_mapped_collection('id'))

what I actually want is to have query on that model and get data like:

root --+---> child1 +---> child2 --+--> subchild1 | +--> subchild2--+--> and so on, | +--> and so on, if exists +---> child3 --+--> subchild1 +--> ... +--> ... +--> ...

Would be represented with data such as:

id parent_id title --- ------- ---- 1 NULL root 2 1 child1 3 1 child2 4 3 subchild1 5 3 subchild2 7 5 so_on1 8 5 so_on2 6 1 child3 9 6 subchild1

How can I query to retrieve data represented as above?


You can get a tree of Menu items with constant number of queries using resucrsive=True, which translates to SQL's WITH RECURSIVE (not available on some RDBMS). That may be useful if the tree is big and you want to save some time.

# db - SQLA session # pick a root of the menu tree root = Menu.query.filter(Menu.parent_id == None).first() # get ids of all menu items in tree with recursive query included = db.query( Menu.id ).filter( Menu.parent_id == root.id ).cte(name="included", recursive=True) included_alias = aliased(included, name="parent") menu_alias = aliased(Menu, name="child") included = included.union_all( db.query( menu_alias.id ).filter( menu_alias.parent_id == included_alias.c.id ) ) # include the root's id and extract ids from tuples menu_ids = map( lambda _tuple: _tuple[0], [(root.id,)] + db.query(included.c.id).distinct().all(), ) # fetch SQLA models menus = Menu.query.filter(Menu.id.in_(menu_ids)).all()

If you don't need speed, just run DFS or BFS on Menu items using children relationship.


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