Using PHPMailer Results in many blocked emails

I am using PHPmailer; though probably a version from 2012 - I haven't updated it for a while.

I am sending mail like this:

$mail = new PHPMailer(); $mail -> IsSMTP(); $mail -> Host = "localhost"; $mail -> Port = 587; $mail -> SMTPAuth = true; $mail -> Username = EMAIL_USER; $mail -> Password = EMAIL_PASS; $mail -> From = EMAIL_USER; $mail -> FromName = "My Company"; $mail -> AddAddress($email); $mail -> AddReplyTo('<Same as "FROM">', 'User Name'); $mail -> IsHTML(true); $mail -> Subject = 'This is my subject'; $mail -> Body = $body; $result = $mail -> Send();

I have had many emails bounce back using the above code. I even removed the body variable and just hard coded "test" in there -- so I don't think my body is the cause.

I am wondering if there are other headers that I am not using that would help or does PHPMailer take care of this behind the scene?

<strong>EDIT</strong>: I am really asking if I a missing any important header information?


Well I solved the issue; the code above was not the problem and works great.

In my subject, I used a phrase regarding "verify your account information" and that got it blocked on a few ISP's.

So the lesson is, your subject matters. I was looking at my php code and my body content before I realized this.


Some other things to note too when dealing with rejected mail:

    <li>The server you are sending mail from matters a lot. Many, like AWS, are blacklisted by default, and you need to request special permission to be able to send mail. Use a blacklist-check if you're not sure.</li> <li>Always always create an appropriate SPF txt record for your domain (in DNS). This ensures that the sending server is a verified sender for your domain.</li> <li>If you're having troubles sending mail, check the server logs to see why. Many providers (Outlook.com for example) will provide good feedback in the form of an RFC number or even a link to follow for more information.</li> <li><strong>When all else fails, use a mail gateway API like SendGrid, Mandrill, or Amazon SNS.</strong></li> </ul>


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