QueryDSL: How to SELECT literals as part of a SQLSubQuery?

How do I implement https://stackoverflow.com/a/16392399/14731 using QueryDSL SQL?

I understand that

new SQLSubQuery().from(customer).where(customer.email.eq("foo@example.com"))


select customer where customer.email = 'foo@example.com'

but I don't understand how to <strong>select [literal]</strong> such as:

select 1 from customer or select 'foo@example.com', 0

as required by the aforementioned link.


If it is ok to use parameters then using constants should work

new SQLSubQuery().from(customer) .where(customer.email.eq("foo@example.com")) .list(Expressions.constant("foo@example.com"), Expressions.constant(0))

Expressions.constant is documented here http://www.querydsl.com/static/querydsl/3.2.3/apidocs/com/mysema/query/support/Expressions.html#constant%28T%29


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