How to create folders dynamically and upload artifacts in Jfrog artifactory using filespecs in Jenki

I have a build job in jenkins which builds the project from github for any branch. package will be created in build job workspace with the version as xxxx-yyyyy-2.15.0-SNAPSHOT.zip.

My next artifactory push job has filespec written as below:

{ "files": [ { "pattern": "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/Jobname/target/*/xxxx-yyyyy*.zip", "target": "libs-snapshot-local/xxxx-yyyyy/", "recursive": "false" } ] }

Above filespec recognize the pattern and upload the zip in libs-snapshot-local/xxxx-yyyyy/. But I need to upload the file with folder created with version name available on the zip file xxxx-yyyyy-2.15.0-SNAPSHOT.zip.

Can anybody help me to create a folder dynamically with version name? any idea on how to specify target path in filespec?


The file specs has the ability to use placeholders in order to create more flexible paths. For example in your case:

{ "files": [ { "pattern": "/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/Jobname/target/*/(xxxx-yyyyy*).zip", "target": "libs-snapshot-local/{1}/", "recursive": "false" } ] }

Please pay attention for the parentheses in the pattern and the placeholder marker {1} used in the target.


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