backbone.js not picking up model context

Please see the following fiddle.


<script id="person" type="text/x-handlebars-template"> <div>Title : {{title}} </div> <div>First Name : {{firstname}}</div> <div>Last Name : {{lastname}}</div> </script> <div id="people"></div>


(function ($) { var personTemplate= Handlebars.compile($("#person").html()); var Person= Backbone.Model.extend({ title: null, firstname : "", lastname : "" }); PersonView = Backbone.View.extend({ tagName: "div", template: personTemplate, render: function () { $(this.el).html(this.template(this.model)); return this; } }); $(document).ready(function () { var AppView = Backbone.View.extend({ initialize: function () { var passView = new PersonView ( { model: new Person({ title: "Mr", firstname : "John", lastname : "Smith"}) }); $('#people').append(passView.render().el.outerHTML); } }); var App = new AppView(); }); })(jQuery);

I've created a basic mode and view, but the parameters for the view are not being picked up by the template. If i set the value directly on the person model, it finds them. But not if i set them via a new instance of the mode (or even if I use the init methods to .set() them.

What am I doing wrong?


In order to get a object for use with your template you need to call your model's toJSON method.

For example

PersonView = Backbone.View.extend({ tagName: "div", template: personTemplate, render: function () { $(this.el).html(this.template(this.model.toJSON())); return this; } });

If you inspect one of your models in Firebug (or just output it to the console) you'll notice that there are a lot more attributes then just the ones you specified, and that the values you specify are actually contained under a property attributes, calling toJSON returns an object with the models "values" that you specified.


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