Upgrading Rails 3.2 to Rails 4 and Params

I was upgrading my project from Rails3 to Rails4 with this tutorial: RailsCasts

I have a model:

class Test < ActiveRecord::Base validates :content, :presence => true, :length => { :minimum => 2 } validates :name, :presence => true, :length => { :minimum => 2 } validates :value, :presence => true end

After upgrading, in rails console I tried to create new test object

Test.create(name: "asd", content:"asd", value: 5)

And got

WARNING: Can't mass-assign protected attributes for Achievement: name, content, value (0.2ms) BEGIN (0.2ms) ROLLBACK => #<Test id: nil, name: nil, content: nil, value: nil, created_at: nil, updated_at: nil>

Looks like I forgot to upgrade something. I tried to re-create rails application with overriding config and other rails files, but nothing changed.

I created new empty project and copied model files. It was working OK.

If I'll add

config.active_record.whitelist_attributes = false

to config/application.rb, my upgraded project will be working good. But it's not normal, because in empty rails4, this line was deleted.

What I forgot to upgrade or what must I do, to make upgraded project to work like empty created with rails4 and without config.activerecord ...?


raw_params = {:name => "asdasd", :content=>"asdasdasd", :value=>5} => {:name=>"asdasd", :content=>"asdasdasd", :value=>5} 2.0.0dev :002 > params = ActionController::Parameters.new(raw_params) => {"name"=>"asdasd", "content"=>"asdasdasd", "value"=>5} 2.0.0dev :003 > test = Test.create(params.permit(:name, :value, :content)) WARNING: Can't mass-assign protected attributes for Achievement: name, value, content (0.2ms) BEGIN (0.2ms) ROLLBACK => #<Test id: nil, name: nil, content: nil, value: nil, created_at: nil, updated_at: nil>


In Rails 4, attr_accessible is not used any more to do mass-assignment checking. Mass-assignment refers to the practice of creating or updating a Model object by passing a hash of values. When you do mass-assignment in Rails 4, you have to specify which parameters are allowed and which ones are not. This is due to security reasons.

Take a look at the repository for strong_parameters, it contains a brief explanation of how mass-assignment security works in Rails 4. Especially look at <strong>Use Outside Of Controllers</strong>.


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