Possible to get HtmlNode's position & length within original input?

Consider the following HTML fragment (_ is used for whitespace):

<head> ... <link ... ___/> <!-- ... --> ... </head>

I'm using Html Agility Pack (HAP) to read HTML files/fragments and to strip out links. What I want to do is find the LINK (and some other) elements and then replace them with whitespace, like so:

<head> ... ____________ <!-- ... --> ... </head>

The parsing part seems to be working so far, I get the nodes I'm looking for. However, HAP tries to fix the HTML content while I need everything to be exactly the same, except for the changes I'm trying to make. Plus, HAP seems to have quite a few bugs when it comes to writing back content that was read in previously, so the approach I want to take is let HAP parse the input and then I go back to the original input and replace content that I don't want.

The problem is, HtmlNode doesn't seem to have an input length property. It has StreamPosition which seems to indicate where reading of the node's content started within the input but I couldn't find a length property that'd tell me how many characters were consumed to build the node.

I tried using the OuterHtml propety but, unfortunately, HAP tries to fix the LINK by removing the ___/ part (a LINK element is not supposed to be closed). Because of this, OuterHtml.Length returns the wrong length.

Is there a way in HAP to get this information?


I ended up modifying the code of HtmlAgilityPack to expose a new property that returns the private _outerlength field of HtmlNode.

public virtual int OuterLength { get { return ( _outerlength ); } }

This seems to be working fine so far.


If you want to achieve the same result without recompiling HAP, then use reflection to access the private variable.

I usually wouldn't recommend reflection to access private variables, but I recently had the exact same situation as this and used reflection, because I was unable to use a recompiled version of the assembly. To do this, create a static variable that holds the field info object (to avoid recreating it on every use):

private static readonly FieldInfo HtmlNodeOuterLengthFieldInfo = typeof(HtmlNode).GetField("_outerlength", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance);

Then whenever you want to access the true length of the original outer HTML:

var match = htmlDocument.DocumentNode.SelectSingleNode("xpath"); var htmlLength = (int)HtmlNodeOuterLengthFieldInfo.GetValue(match);


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