Inserting extra data in a linq result but not to the data source or waiting for submiting changes on

When I had a Typed DataTable with information retrieved from a SQL Server with a table adapter, I'm able to insert temporary data into that DataTable which I just want to use on execution time, and I don't want it to be inserted into the database. First supose that for example I have a Database table like this:

CREATE TABLE MyData ( MyCol1 int, MyCol2 nchar(10) )

So using SqlClient objects this is what I do.

MyTypedDataSet.MyTypedDataTable myDataTable = new MyTypedDataSet.MyTypedDataTable(); myDataAdapter.Fill(myDataTable); myDataTable.NewMyTypedRow(value1, value2);

I then could bind this to a control, e.g. a ComboBox

myComboBox.DataSource = myDataTable; myComboBox.DisplayMember = "myCol2"; myComboBox.ValueMember = "myCol1";

How can I do the same with a LINQ to SQL Result such as:

var myQuery = from data in myContext.MyDatas select myCol1, myCol2; myComboBox.DataSource = myQuery;

See, I want to add that extra row in myQuery, so that I can bind this data to my combo box, but I don't want that extra row in my database. I worked around it by calling the ToList() method, then I add the data I want, and then I bind this list to my ComboBox, like this:

var myList = myQuery.ToList(); myList.Insert(0, new MyData() { myCol1 = value1, myCol2 = value2 }); myComboBox.DataSource = myList;

... But how can I do this insert directly into myQuery? would it be a good practice? or my workaround would be the right thing to do?

PS: By the way, when I used to bind typed data tables to ComboBoxes I would use the schema generated names to asign values to DisplayMember and ValueMember like this:

myComboBox.DisplayMember = myDataTable.myCol1Column.ColumnName; myComboBox.ValueMember = myDataTable.myCol2Column.ColumnName;

How can I extract this information from myQuery?


I think what you're doing is fine.

An alternative is instead of creating a list and inserting into it, you could create a new list containing one element and use the Concat method to concatenate the remaining elements. This can be a LINQ one-liner. But your way is probably more readable, so maybe just stick with that.


You could just add an Item to the ComboBox's Item Collection after it has been databound.


myComboBox.DataSource = new[] { new MyData { myCol1 = value1, myCol2 = value2 } } .Concat(myQuery);


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