Discover nodes from another datacenter

Is it possible to discover list of nodes from another datacenter in a Cassandra cluster?

Let us say I have the following information:

<ol> <li>My Cassandra cluster consists of multiple datacenters (say "dc1" and "dc2").</li> <li>I know an IP address of one of the nodes from, say, datacenter "dc1".</li> </ol>

Using the datastax java library I have tried to do the following:

<ol> <li>

read list of peers directly from the system.peers table - but it returns just a few of them (it was read with consistency level ALL), all belonging to the "dc1";

</li> <li>

use cluster.getMetada().getAllHosts() - but it returns me a full list of hosts only within "dc1".

</li> </ol>

It looks like there is no way to get this information about other datacenter without knowing at least one node from the "dc2". Am I wrong?


There should be at least one seed by DC.

Attention: In multiple data-center clusters, include at least one node from each datacenter (replication group) in the seed list.



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