SQLite, Ruby on rails. How to get the top voted objects with acts_as_votable gem?

I"m trying to display the best 3 Recipes from the last 7 days. The best is dependant on the amount of votes it has using the acts_as_votable gem but i have not created a cache. current user.rb, limits to the last 7 days

def featuredfeed Recipe.where('created_at >= ?', Time.zone.now - 1.week) end


class Recipe < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :user acts_as_votable .... default_scope -> { order(created_at: :desc) } end

the votes table is ordered

id, votable_id, votable_type, voter_id, voter_type, vote_flag, vote_scope, vote_weight, created_at, updated_at

The votable_id is the id of the recipe which needs to be counted for the number of times it has been upvoted


I would like to say, that caching votes is much cleaner solution, than the following one. It is just a matter of adding a new migration. But up to you..

Get the ids of recent recipes (this part you already have done):

recipes_ids = Recipe.where('created_at >= ?', Time.zone.now - 1.week)

Filter the votes for this recipes:

Vote .where(votable_id: recipes_ids)

Group them by votable_id:


And find those, which have more, at least 1 vote:

.having('count(votable_id) > 1')

Now take the ids of 3 most upvoted recipes:

most_voted_recipes_ids = Vote .where(votable_id: recipes_ids) .group(:votable_id) .having('count(votable_id) > 1') .limit(3).votable_ids # or limit(3).pluck(:votable_id)

And, lastly, find those most popular recipes:

most_popular_recipes = Recipe.where(id: most_voted_recipes_ids)


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