Gradle Android unit tests that depend on an 'aar' for build tool 0.11.+

I am using gradle build system to run Roboletric tests however I've encountered the problem that was described here Gradle Android unit tests that depend on an 'aar' but the solution only works for build tool version 0.9.+ and not 0.11.+ as I cannot find the exploded-aar directory. Any ideas?

Here's the partial build file

configurations { testLocalCompile { extendsFrom compile } } sourceSets { testLocal { java.srcDir file('src/test/java') resources.srcDir file('src/test/res') compileClasspath += configurations.testLocalCompile runtimeClasspath += compileClasspath } } dependencies { testLocalCompile fileTree(dir: "$project.buildDir/intermediates/exploded-aar", include: "**/classes.jar") } task localTest(type: Test, dependsOn: assemble) { testClassesDir = sourceSets.testLocal.output.classesDir android.sourceSets.main.java.srcDirs.each { dir -> def buildDir = dir.getAbsolutePath().split('/') buildDir = (buildDir[0..(buildDir.length - 4)] + ['build', 'intermediates', 'classes', 'debug']).join('/') sourceSets.testLocal.compileClasspath += files(buildDir) sourceSets.testLocal.runtimeClasspath += files(buildDir) } classpath = sourceSets.testLocal.runtimeClasspath } check.dependsOn localTest


That change again in <strong>0.12.2</strong>


Move unzipped aar back in each project as a temporary fix for a possible race condition.

So you have to change the dependency back:

unitTestCompile fileTree(dir: "$project.buildDir/intermediates/exploded-aar/", include:"**/classes.jar")

(PS: do not know if is it the right way to post this in stackoverflow)


Fixed it: it seems like in the 0.11.+ build tool the exploded-aar folder is moved to root. I had to change the dependency:

testLocalCompile fileTree(dir: "${rootDir}/build/exploded-aar", include: "**/classes.jar")


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