Non-recursive algorithm for full permutation with repetitive elements?

I usually use the recursive algorithm as follows in Python:

def permutate(array, t, n): if t == n: for i in range(n): print array[i] return for j in range(t,n): flag = 1 for r in range(t,j): if array[r] == array[j]: flag = 0 break if flag == 0: continue else: array[j],array[t] = array[t],array[j] permutate(array,t+1,n) array[j],array[t] = array[t],array[j]

This one is neat. But I hope to find a convenient, non-recursive algorithm to do full permutation with repetitive elements?


Here is a generic way to "un-recursify" a recursive function : Let's say we have the following recursive function :

RecFunc (parameters) ... ... var x = RecFunc (other parameters) ... ... EndFunc

To "un-recursify" it, you can use a stack like this :

NonRecFunc (parameters) stack MyStack; MyStack.push (InitialValue); While (MyStack is non empty) var S = MyStack.pop; # begin operations with S .... # results are x_1, ..., x_n for x_i = x_1 to x_n MyStack.push (x_i); endfor endWhile EndFunc

In your case, the stack contains a pair consisting of an array and an int. The initial value is the array in input and the int m=0. The operations could look like this

for i = m to n for j = i+1 to n if array[i] == array[j] continue endif array_c = copy of array permute entries i and j in array_c push (array_c, m+1) in the stack endfor endfor

Good luck !


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