How can I send a multi-part email with text/plain and text/html with Exchange Web Services?

I generated a namespace with the wsdl tool via the command line by pointing it to https://exchange-server/EWS/Services.wsdl.

I'm able to successfully send emails, using the code below:

const string EWS_USERNAME = "user"; const string EWS_PASSWORD = "pass"; const string EWS_DOMAIN = "domain"; const string EWS_URL = "https://exchange-server/EWS/Exchange.asmx"; var ews = new ExchangeServiceBinding(); ews.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(EWS_USERNAME, EWS_PASSWORD, EWS_DOMAIN); ews.Url = EWS_URL; var email = new MessageType(); email.IsFromMe = false; email.From = new SingleRecipientType(); email.From.Item = new EmailAddressType(); email.From.Item.EmailAddress = "from@example.com"; email.ToRecipients = new EmailAddressType[1] { new EmailAddressType { EmailAddress = "recipient@example.com" } }; email.Subject = "Subject"; email.Body = new BodyType(); email.Body.BodyType1 = BodyTypeType.HTML; email.Body.Value = "<strong>Test</strong>"; var emailToSave = new CreateItemType(); emailToSave.Items = new NonEmptyArrayOfAllItemsType(); emailToSave.Items.Items = new ItemType[1] { email }; emailToSave.MessageDisposition = MessageDispositionType.SendAndSaveCopy; emailToSave.MessageDispositionSpecified = true; ews.CreateItemCompleted += new CreateItemCompletedEventHandler(ExchangeWebServices_CreateItemCompleted); ews.CreateItemAsync(emailToSave, callbackState);

My question is how do I send a multi-part email that contains both an HTML and plain text body?


Exchange generates the plain text version of you mail automatically. You don't have to do anything for that to happen.


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