Angular ui-router's nested routes not working in ES6 with bable?

I have multiple modules in Angular and I also use nested routes. There is an auth module which also has a sub route auth.login the code goes as follows:-


routes.$inject = ['$stateProvider']; export default function routes($stateProvider) { $stateProvider .state('auth.login', { url: '/login', template: require('./login.tpl.html') }); }


routes.$inject = ['$stateProvider']; export default function routes($stateProvider) { $stateProvider .state('auth', { url: '/auth', template: require('./auth.tpl.html') }) }

Then inject these into the main module like this according to the folder structure.

import auth from './features/auth'; import auth from './features/auth/login';

I am not getting any error but apart from the / & /auth path nothing reflects. If I use /login it redirects me to the / path.

Kinda weird but UI-Router is not working. Please suggest.

<strong>NOTE: I use BableJS and Webpack for the Development</strong>


I noticed that the code you've shown never actually invokes the exported functions. That might be the root of your problem.

A better way to approach this might be to export the state objects themselves. In the outermost file, you can then import those state objects, and register them with the $stateProvider. Here's an example:


let loginState = { // UI-Router allows state definitions to contain the name name: 'auth.login', url: '/login', template: require('./login.tpl.html') } // Just export the state definition; you don't have to register it yet export default loginState;


let authState = { name: 'auth', url: '/auth', template: require('./auth.tpl.html') } export default authState;


This file shows bootstrapping the application. It imports the state definitions from the child modules, and registers them with the $stateProvider.

// Now import the state definitions from the other modules import loginState from './Login.route.js'; import authState from './auth.route.js'; let app = angular.module('app', ['ui.router']); // create a single config block which registers // all the state definitions that were imported app.config(registerAllStates); registerAllStates.$inject = ['$stateProvider']; function registerAllStates($stateProvider) { // Loop over them and register them with the $stateProvider. [loginState, authState].forEach(state => $stateProvider.state(state)); }


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