I try to sort an array using sort() but it fails

if ( $_GET['_value'] == 'moto' ) { $array[] = array('1' => 'Yamaha'); $array[] = array('2' => 'Suzuki'); $array[] = array('3' => 'Triumph'); $array[] = array('4' => 'KTM'); $array[] = array('5' => 'Honda'); $array[] = array('6' => 'Harley Davidson'); $array[] = array('7' => 'Buell'); $array[] = array('8' => 'MV Agusta'); $array[] = array('9' => 'Ducati'); $array[] = array('10' => 'Other'); } $array = sort($array); echo json_encode( $array );

that is the code i have and its pulled by a chained dropdown. I want it to return the values sorted alphabetically but based on the code you see it returns an empty array. what could be the mistake I am making /


It's not at all pretty but this does the job.

Unless you're constrained otherwise you should really use some of the other suggestions.

<? if ( $_GET['_value'] == 'moto' ) { $array[] = array('1' => 'Yamaha'); $array[] = array('2' => 'Suzuki'); $array[] = array('3' => 'Triumph'); $array[] = array('4' => 'KTM'); $array[] = array('5' => 'Honda'); $array[] = array('6' => 'Harley Davidson'); $array[] = array('7' => 'Buell'); $array[] = array('8' => 'MV Agusta'); $array[] = array('9' => 'Ducati'); $array[] = array('10' => 'Other'); foreach($array as $i => $v) { $v = array_values($v); $sort[] = $v[0]; } sort($sort); $c = 0; foreach($sort as $i => $v) { $c++; $sorted[] = array($c=>$v); } echo json_encode($sorted); } ?>


Your code fails because you have an array of arrays here. You should either search for "sort php array by sub-array key" Or you can try something like:

$array[1] = 'Yamaha'; $array[2] = 'Suzuki'; // ... sort($array); echo json_encode($array);


Your array contains arrays, hence cannot be sorted, try:

$array[1] = 'Yamaha'; $array[2] = 'Suzuki';

then sort($array)


You can use uasort() function


function cmp($a, $b) { $a = reset($a); $b = reset($b); if ($a == $b) { return 0; } return ($a < $b) ? -1 : 1; } uasort($array, 'cmp')


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