subtracting two data frames

suppose I have two data frames (DF1 & DF2) and both contain the (x,y) coordinates. I would like to extract the pair of (x,y) that is in DF1 but not DF2. Example:

DF1<-data.frame(x=1:3,y=4:6,t=10:12) DF2<-data.frame(x=3:5,y=6:8,s=1:3)

I want to get


What should I do for much larger data sets? Thanks!


For very large data sets you may be interested in data.table:

library(data.table) DF1<-data.frame(x=1:3,y=4:6,t=10:12) DF2<-data.frame(x=3:5,y=6:8,s=1:3) library(data.table) DF1 <- data.table(DF1, key = c("x", "y")) DF2 <- data.table(DF2, key = c("x", "y")) DF1[complete.cases(DF1[DF2])] # maybe you want this? DF2[DF1] DF1[!DF2] # or maybe you want this? DF2[!DF1]


Seems like using merge is a good candidate here:

merge(DF1,DF2) x y t s 1 3 6 12 1


library(tidyverse) DF1<-data.frame(x=1:3,y=4:6,t=10:12) DF2<-data.frame(x=3:5,y=6:8,s=1:3) anti_join(DF1, DF2) #> Joining, by = c("x", "y") #> x y t #> 1 1 4 10 #> 2 2 5 11


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