Paypal payment page layout broken in webview android maybe css not loaded correctly?

As kadhirvel mentioned in his ask (Paypal payment page layout broken in webview android)

And this (https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/About-Payments/paypal-Android-webview-layout-issue-on-payment-page/td-p/807164).

We both can't load paypal payment page correctly, but messy layout showed up.

I guess that if css files cannot be loaded or some other questions.

I also come with this problem.

Can any one do me a favor?

PS: I'm in China, and the page of Alipay can showed up correctly but paypal.


This is because of the SSL check your browser security configuration.


I got the answer!

It's because of the f*cking sandbox environment of paypal...

When in sandbox, and using webview to load the page, you will get into this problem.

When in the product env, every strange problems are gone!


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